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General FAQs

Can I send refunds to customers? How?

Yes, you will need to request to the NetCents team to enable your refund option. You can send an email to merchantsupport@net-cents.com.


Which Cryptocurrencies can I accept through NetCents?

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash ABC, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, Verge, Tron and Horizen.


How long does it take to process a crypto payment?

Generally, it should take between 5-10 seconds, to receive a transaction. However, a crypto payment should NOT be considered complete at this point. 

A crypto payment is processed and completed when the number of confirmations has been reached. The time it takes for a crypto payment to be completed will vary depending on the number of confirmations required.  

The default confirmation settings and suggested settings for required confirmations can be found in our API Documentation. Merchants who have integrated crypto payment processing via the NetCents API have the flexibility to set the number of confirmations. For alternate crypto payment processing methods(e.g. invoicing, E-commerce plugins) the number of confirmations required is set to the same default confirmations as outlined in our API Documentation.




How will I know the payment was processed?

When using one of NetCents online integrations (ie. hosted payments page or shopping cart) our system will send a message (webhook) back to the merchant confirming the transaction.

If you have integrated within a terminal or smartphone/tablet the system will give you a confirmation following the payment.

*You can always log into your NetCents account to view your list of transactions.



How and when are the transactions fees deducted from my Merchant Account?

They are deducted at the time of a transaction.


What is underpaid and overpaid transactions and how to deal with them to complete them?

An underpaid or overpaid transaction occurs when the funds received is different from the amount due. This is caused by the client not sending enough or too much cryptocurrency to the provided address. This can also occur with wallets using different exchanges.

The difference is usually under $1 and this and is a rare occurrence.

Click here for further information and how to settle underpaid/overpaid transactions.


What are “sandbox” transactions?

Sandbox transactions are “test” transactions, they are not live. It is designed for testing integrations.



How can I settle my Altcoins?

Altcoins are currently not in our Instant Settlement program and we are working on a solution for this but unfortunately we do not have a timeline at the moment.

If a client uses an Altcoin to purchase at a merchant, the merchant will need to accept the Altcoin and hold it or transfer it on an exchange and sell it or convert it to Bitcoin to then be settled for fiat through NetCents platform.


What are the simplest ways to integrate and enable crypto transactions for my business?


Hosted payments page - Our hosted payments plugin is used to create a hosted payments page for your website. Our hosted payment plugin is a flexible code snippet that can be integrated with your website’s codebase. Simply follow our integration guide to create a secure and powerful website that can accept cryptocurrency payments for your business.

*Find the integration guide on the merchant dashboard login


E-Commerce - NetCents provides an Ecommerce plugin which you can download and use to accept cryptocurrency payments from customers on your Ecommerce site.

*For our web plugin setup & installation click here


Devices - Where you can enable crypto processing on any android/IOS device (phone, tablet, computer etc..), terminal or POS. NetCents Merchant Terminal app enables your business to accept cryptocurrency payments from customers at your physical retail locations.

*For our device setup & installation click here


Create Invoice - This option will allow you to create an invoice and a link will be sent to your client to make a payment with crypto.

*For our Invoice guide click here


What “devices” are you compatible with?

IOS & Android

Terminals; Exadigm & Pax


Where can I sign up to be an affiliate partner?

Please reach out to us here