How Can I Refer Merchants to NetCents?

Referring a merchant to NetCents couldn't be easier. This guide will show you all the ways you can refer merchants to NetCents and start earning commission.

Refer Merchants to NetCents

You can quickly find your referral options within your Partner Account, here: Follow the instructions below for more information regarding each option.

Option 1 - Easiest

To find your referral options directly from your dashboard, log in to your Partner Account: This is your personal Partner Dashboard.

From here, simply click the blue bar that says Copy Merchant Link, and send that unique link to the merchant that you want to refer. As long as the merchant uses that link, their merchant account will be associated with your Partner Account (even if the merchant looks around the website before signing up!)

Option 2-3

Another option is located on the same page. Under the “Copy Merchant Link” button, you will see View More Ways To Refer Direct Merchants, as seen below.

Clicking that link will bring you to your “Direct Merchants” page, which lists all the different ways you can refer merchants to NetCents: 

You will see “Option 1” listed again. This is the same link found on the previous page. You will also see your other two options for referrals.

Option 2

Option 2 involves building a custom Merchant signup page on your website. Here, you will find our WordPress Plugins, which you can use to simply integrate onto your WordPress website.


If you do not use WordPress, you can also follow our API guide to add a sign up form to your website.  To connect to our API, you will need to include your API key. 

Option 3.

Option 3 allows you to register on behalf of your merchant using one of the three registration methods listed below:

Method 1: Sign up Form

Our sign up form is a simple intuitive way for you to go through the registration process and add merchants one by one. Simply click the box that says “Sign Up Form” and you will see a registration form appear below. You will then be required to fill out all the required information before you can submit the application.

Method 2: Import Via CSV

This is best suited for you to register multiple merchants at once. Upload a CSV file with all your merchants’ information and our system will do the rest. Simply click the box that says “Import Via CSV” and the screen will display the following information:

Now you can download the CSV template needed to submit multiple applications. Here you will also find information on what’s required, and a location to upload your CSV file. On this page, you will also find an area that displays any failed applications and any applicable notes.

 Method 3: Import Via API

Clicking the third box, titled “Import Via API” will reveal your unique API key. This unique key is associated with the account you log in with. Use this key to import your new merchants via our API documentation. Near the bottom of the screen, you will see a blue button labeled “API Documentation”. See image below:


Clicking the blue button labeled, “API Documentation” will bring you to our developer’s page. There, you will find detailed information and instructions on how to import your new merchants via API.

If you are having any technical difficulties or have any questions, please contact us at: