What Are The Partner APIs?

For the most seamless integrations with NetCents, we've created various APIs for our partners. Read our guide below on everything you need to know regarding our partner APIs.

Where Are the Partner APIs?

The Partner API's are located here: https://developers.net-cents.com/partner#overview. You can quickly and easily navigate this resource using the blue sidebar on the left as well as the search bar.

Where Can I Find My API Key?

To connect to our API, you will need to include your API key. This key can be found in your Partner Account, here: https://partners.net-cents.com/merchants/registrations/api. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find your unique API Key.

API Integrations:

Merchant Registration:

The merchant registration API is useful for Partners that wish to build a custom landing page to sign up their users to the NetCents Platform. You can find the walkthrough on how to integrate that here: https://developers.net-cents.com/partner#merchant-registration

Merchant Applications:

The second option is to import your new merchants via API. You can find the walkthrough on how to do that here: https://developers.net-cents.com/partner#merchant-applications


If you are having any technical difficulties or have any questions, please contact us at: partners@net-cents.com.