Where Can Partners Find Marketing Resources?

We’ve created resources with the aim of helping you successfully market your products or services to a larger audience! This guide will show you where you can access these different marketing materials from your Partner Account.

Marketing to Merchants 

You can quickly find your partner marketing materials within your Partner Account, here: https://partners.net-cents.com/marketing/sales-materials.


To find your marketing materials directly from your dashboard, log in to your Partner Account: partners.net-cents.com. From here, navigate to the top right of the page and click the “Marketing" tab to view the available marketing materials.


From here, you will be able to choose from one of the three main categories: “Sales Materials, “Marketing Collateral”, and “Brand Assets”. See the 3 circled options below:


Above, you will see the different subcategories within your Sales Materials underlined in red. Clicking on any of these subcategories will load the respective resources. 


*Note: Some of these files are large, and some may take longer to download than others. 


Sales Materials

Clicking on the “Marketing” tab will automatically bring you to the “Sales Materials” tab.

Initially, you will see the “Merchants” category. Here, you will find some of our most common merchant marketing information, such as our Merchant 1 pager (which you can personalize with your co-Branded logo and custom referral link), Merchant Handout, NetCents-MerchantDeck, and some of our most popular eBooks.

Under “Partners” you will find useful information for yourself or other partners you may know. Here, you will also find “Sales Notes”, and a guide on how to create your own promotional codes.

Under “Videos” you will find video guides, walkthroughs, and resources you can download or watch on YouTube.


Marketing Collateral

On the next tab, “Marketing Collateral”, you will find downloadable badges you can use on your online website.


Brand Assets

On the third tab, you will find our brand assets, as well as our guide. You will have to follow our guidelines if you want to advertise our brand alongside yours.


If you are having any technical difficulties or have any questions, please contact us at: partners@net-cents.com.