General Ecommerce Plugin Guide

NetCents provides an Ecommerce plugin which you can download and use to accept cryptocurrency payments from customers at checkout on your Ecommerce store.

Part 1: Adding your website domain to the Merchant Gateway platform.

Step 1. Log in to your NetCents Merchant Gateway account. On the navigation menu, click "Ecommerce Plugins".

Step 2. Enter your Ecommerce website domain and click "Add". This will generate a Web Plugin Id which will be used later on in the setup process.

Step 3. Download the applicable plugin based on the platform you used to build your Ecommerce website.




Step 4. You will need your API Keys and Secret to authenticate payment requests with the web server. To find your API Keys and Secret, click on "Account" > "API Keys". Make sure to use the Live API Keys and Secret for real transactions, and only the sandbox keys in a testing environment.




Tip: Keep your Merchant Gateway Account open in a browser window to easily copy and paste your Web Plugin Id, and API Keys and Secret in the following steps.

Part 2: Connecting the Ecommerce Plugin to your website.

In Part 2 of the instructions, although the general concepts of adding and connecting the plugin to your website is the same, the exact set up instructions will vary between the different platforms (e.g. WordPress, Magento, OpenCart).

Find the platform you used to build your website below and follow the set up instructions.


WordPress Plugin Setup

Important Note: In order to use the WordPress plugin, you must have WooCommerce plugin already installed. WooCommerce can be downloaded from the WordPress plugins store.

Step 1. Log in to your WordPress administrative account.

Step 2. On the left navigation bar, click "Plugins" → "Add New". You can choose either one of the following methods to add the NetCents Plugin, but we recommend Method 1 for a simpler and faster approach:

Method 1. WordPress Store : Search for NetCents in the plugin store and click "Install Now" → "Activate".

Method 2. Manual Plugin Installation: Click "Upload Plugin". Download file provided on the Merchant Gateway platform. Click "Install Now → Activate Plugin".


WordPress Plugin


Step 3. On the left navigation bar, click "WooCommerce" → "Settings" → "Payments" → "Cryptocurrency via NetCents".

If you are not using the latest version of WooCommerce, click "Checkout" instead of "Payments".

Step 4. Check "Enable NetCents Widget Gateway". Fill out the Cryptocurrency via NetCents form and save.

Your API Keys and Web Plugin ID are information available on your Merchant Gateway account, and here is where you can find them:

  • API Keys and Secret: Click "Profile Icon (top right hand corner)" → "Settings". Use live API Keys and Secret for real transactions. Only use sandbox API Keys and Secret in a testing environment.
  • Web Plugin Id: Click "Ecommerce Integration (navigation bar)". The unique Web Plugin Id is shown under your list of added domains.

For the Plugin endpoint, use If you are a white-label merchant, use your custom URL.

You can customize the description that the user sees during checkout and instructions that will be displayed on the thank you page.

WordPress Plugin2

Congratulations! You are now ready to accept cryptocurrency payments from customers on your Ecommerce website.


PrestaShop Plugin Setup

Step 1. Log in to your administrative PrestaShop account.

Step 2. On the navigation bar, click Modules → Modules & Services.

Step 3. Click Upload a Module.

You will need to upload the NetCents .zip file that you had downloaded from installation Step 3 above.

PrestaShop Step3-4


Step 4. Once uploaded, find NetCents in your installed modules and click Configure → Configure Settings.



Step 5. Fill in the configuration settings and click save.

  • Web Plugin Id: Ecommerce Integration (navigation bar) → Web Plugin Id
  • Api Keys and Secret: Profile Icon (top right hand corner) → Settings → Api Keys
  • Api URL: For non white-label merchants, use White-label merchants should use their own custom API Url.

Congratulations! You are now ready to accept cryptocurrency payments on your PrestaShop site.


OpenCart Plugin Setup

Step1. Log in to your administrative OpenCart account.

Step 2. Add NetCents to your extensions. Under your extensions list, filter for payments and find NetCents and click edit.

Step 3. Fill in the form details for the extension and click save.

  • Payment Method: Change to Enabled to activate the extension at checkout.


Magento Plugin Setup

Step 1. Go into Magento Admin → Stores → Configuration → Sales → Payment Methods

Step 2. Select Cryptocurrency via NetCents payment method and click API Settings.

Step 3. Fill in your API key and secret, and web plugin id.

Step 4. While still in the Cryptocurrency via NetCents section, change enabled to yes to allow NetCents at checkout. You will be notified via the Magento plugin of the different payment statuses:

  • Complete: Amount due equals amount received in cryptocurrency
  • Payment Review: Amount received is less than or greater than the amount due