PrestaShop Ecommerce Plugin Guide

If you used PrestaShop to build your Ecommerce website, follow the instructions below to accept cryptocurrency payments on your website.

Part 1) Adding your website domain to the Merchant Gateway platform.

Step 1. Log in to your NetCents Merchant Gateway account. On the navigation menu, click "Ecommerce Plugins".

Step 2. Enter your Ecommerce website domain and click "Add". This will generate a Web Plugin Id which will be used later on in the setup process.

Step 3. Download the Virtuemart plugin.


Step 4. You will need your API Keys and Secret to authenticate payment requests with the webserver. To find your API Keys and Secret, click on "Account" > "API Keys". Make sure to use the Live API Keys and Secret for real transactions, and only the sandbox keys in a testing environment.

Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 11.37.23 AM

Tip: Keep your Merchant Gateway Account open in a browser window to easily copy and paste your Web Plugin Id, and API Keys and Secret in the following steps.

Part 2) PrestaShop Plugin Setup

Step 1. Log in to your administrative PrestaShop account.

Step 2. On the navigation bar, click Modules → Modules & Services.

Step 3. Click Upload a Module.

You will need to upload the NetCents .zip file that you had downloaded from the Merchant Gateway platform.

PrestaShop Step3-4


Step 4. Once uploaded, find NetCents in your installed modules and click Configure → Configure Settings.



Step 5. Fill in the configuration settings and click save.

All the information needed to fill in the configuration settings can be found on your Merchant Gateway Account.

  • Web Plugin Id: Ecommerce Integration (navigation bar) → Web Plugin Id
  • Api Keys and Secret: Profile Icon (top right hand corner) → Settings → Api Keys
  • Api URL: For non white-label merchants, use White-label merchants should use their own custom API URL.

Congratulations! You are now ready to accept cryptocurrency payments on your PrestaShop site.