Point Of Sale Terminal Guide

Learn how to set up and use a point of sale terminal to accept cryptocurrency payments.

With NetCents, your business can take transactions both online and in-person. The guide below will show you how to take payments on any smartphone or tablet.  We’re also directly integrated into terminals like Pax A920 and Exadigm N5.  If you have any other terminal, contact Merchant Support and we’ll discuss further integration.

The NetCents Merchant Terminal app enables your business to accept cryptocurrency payments from customers at your physical retail locations. You can use the device guide provided here to learn how to:

  1. Set up a device.
  2. Use a device and accept customer payments.
  3. Print sales report.

Set Up a Device

Setting up a device to accept cryptocurrency payments from your customers in physical retail locations is quick and easy.

Here are step-by-step instructions:

Step 1. Log in to your Merchant Gateway Account. On the navigation menu, click "POS Terminals".


Step 2. On the POS Terminals page, click "Add POS Terminal".

Fill in the form with a description of your device, and create a secure password that is at least 8 characters in length. Check "Enable tip on this device" if you want to enable the tipping feature on your device. Once you complete the form, an account with a pin will be created for you to sign into the NetCents Merchant Gateway App.


Step 3. On the device you want to use to accept payments, download the "NetCents Merchant Gateway" application from your device's app store.




Step 4. Once the NetCents Merchant Gateway App finishes downloading, open the app on your device. Sign into NetCents Merchant Gateway App using the device pin and password created in Step 2. Your device pin can be found on the information displayed on your POS terminals page.

Great work! Your business is now set up to collect cryptocurrency payments with a device, and you can always repeat the steps above to add multiple devices. Continue with the next section to learn how to use the NetCents Merchant Gateway App on your device.


Use a Device For Payment Processing

With the NetCents Merchant Terminal App, your business can accept cryptocurrency payments from customers at your retail locations. Learn how you can use a device to complete a crypto transaction by following the steps below:

Merchant Steps

Step 1. Open the NetCents Merchant Gateway App on your device. Sign in using the pin and password. Recall, the pin and password were created during the set up process. If you do not remember your pin, you can always login to your NetCents Merchant account and find your pin on the POS Terminals page.



Step 2. Enter the amount of the bill including any applicable taxes.

Step 3. If you wish to identify a transaction with an employee, enter in the employee number into reference ID.

Step 4. Click Ok.


3. DeviceGuide-Img1


Customer Steps

Step 5. Select the payment method and cryptocurrency of choice.

Step 6. Make a payment using either the payment address or scan the QR code.

Merchant Steps

Step 7. Merchant is notified on screen once payment is successfully received. *

* The merchant will be notified on screen if an underpayment occurs (customer sends less funds than the amount due), or when an overpayment occurs (customer sends more funds than the amount due). Visit the transactions guide on how to handle underpayments/overpayments and mark them as completed.


Print Sales Report

If your device has tips enabled, you can print a sales report showing the total sales and tips earned by an employee using their reference ID.

Here’s how to print a sales report:

3. DeviceGuide - Img2
  1. Sign into the merchant terminal app.
  2. Click on Settings Icon.
  3. Enter in the reference number. The reference number is the employee number that was entered at time of transactions.
  4. Click Print.